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Dec 4, 2013 8:31:00 AM

Do you know about ESL Explorer's Last Minute Deals?


Last Minute Deals at ESL Explorer! Last Minute Deals at ESL Explorer!


LMDs are super cheap seats in our english classes that we need to fill ASAP because the start date is quickly approaching. And because the seats become a lot cheaper, we keep the school names private until after you register to maintain the merit of the course. This technique is often used in the travel industry to make sure that no profit is lost, and all seats are sold. So, when there is one seat left on an airplane or in an english course, and the course begins in a week or two, the school marks down the cost to pennies to fill up the course completely.

Now, when schools marks down their prices to pennies, they are fearful that they may be discredited or people may believe that the course is of lesser quality than others. Thus, we keep the school name private until you purchase the course to ensure that no reputation is tainted, because all courses are great, credible, and worth taking!

Whether you are looking to improve your English speaking skills, or your IELTS exam is coming up and you need some practise, or maybe you want to extend your stay while studying abroad, make sure to always check our Last Minute Deals section for awesome prices on English courses!

Last Minute Deals are a great way to save money and/or extend your stay in any of our major cities! And who doesn’t love to save money? Check out our Last Minute Deals in Vancouver here and our last minute deals in Toronto here


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