ESL Student Stories: Sara from Italy

Posted by Shelley Chen

Oct 26, 2012 10:02:00 AM

Sara at St.Giles’s Vancouver

Hello I’m Sara,

I’m from Italy and after my graduation I decided I wanted to do a master’s degree abroad. Unfortunately my English wasn’t so great so I needed to take an English course in an English country.

I decided to go in Canada because I was sure there weren’t a lot of Italians there, and it was one of my dreams to visit since I was younger. I chose Vancouver because it isn’t as huge of a city like Toronto, the weather is mild, and some friends of mine told me it is a wonderful multicultural city (and so really it is!!).

In May I left Italy and I took an English course at St.Giles’s school in Vancouver, Canada. It was a really great experience and my English improved a lot. I had very professional and careful teachers and going to school wasn’t boring because all the lessons were both interesting and funny.

At St. Giles there were a lot of Swiss, Brazilians and Japanese students, and for me it was very enriching have new friends from other country and with different cultural backgrounds. It was very easy to get new friends because the school is not too big and they organize plenty of activities every week.

I spent a really wonderful time in Vancouver!!! Every afternoon after school, there was something new to visit and experience. During the weekend we took a lot of small trip to see things around the city or attend big farewell parties in Downtown Vancouver.

After studying in Vancouver, I can really recommend to anyone thinking of learning English in an English country to have an amazing experience like mine!


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